Saturday, 24 February 2007

ooops References of course

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Friday, 23 February 2007

There at last - 20 mins to go!

Cynth, we did it! Just uploaded the essay with 20 mins to go. It's almost midnight and there are a few of us left on line still giving it that last push. Kathleen and Melissa are out here with me. I have been working on the essay for most of today, with a short break in between to play with Molly, my devoted standard poodle who has been by my side for this entire unit - bless her heart!

In signing off I just want to say that it has been an absolute pleasure learning from you and also with such a wonderful bunch of class mates. THANK YOU sincerely from my heart.

Vaya con dios

Jac - over and out! :-) big smilies

Thursday, 22 February 2007

Module 5: Last push

It's incredible to believe that I have arrived at this point! At the beginning of this unit, I felt quite insecure and wondered what I had taken on. Many other students seemed to be very much more 'in control' than I, and I feel I have enlisted their assistance along the way more times than I have actually been able to return the gestures. I may lose marks on this point, due to lack of participation on the discussion forums. However, I have had to prioritise my actions and stick with reading critical material relevant to the course in favour of participating in 'equally as important' discussion.

I fell in to strife with my submission for the first assignment some weeks back, by not digesting the reading on plagurism. I got it wrong and received a zero grade :-( . Thankfully, my wonderful, understanding tutor who realised it was due to total ignorance on my part, gave me a second chance. My initial reaction was "I'm a failure, can't go on, etc etc", but with 'Cynth's' encouragement and a self 'pep talk', I sieved my way through the assignment with a fine tooth comb and attempted to rectify the problems, which basically were that I had not given correct reference to the 'concept doc's'.

I remained on tender hooks for the days to follow - kept looking in my drop box for my final grade that didn't come. My confidence continued to decline as I ploughed my way through Mod 5, struggling with the thought of writing the 1,500 word essay, which by the way is still in abeance as I write.

I have one set back after another this week, sickness, work, study overload, surprise house guests etc etc. I have asked Cynthia for a couple of day's extension on the essay. Haven't heard back from her yet and the assignment is due tomorrow.

Atleast I have today, uploaded all the other assignments due in various other units and this is the Last Push!

I have my title "The Internet - You can't avoid it", and have several Claims floating around on bits of paper. All I need to do now is make them land in logical order by this time tomorrow.

Not that anyone but Cynth will likely read this, but "wish me luck!" as they say....